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Autumn Atmosphere, Magical Landscapes

21 Oct

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The Mountain and the Moon

21 Oct


Firm unto the earth

Silvery in the sky

Rooted to layers of sediment,

Following the eyes.

One is stately, reaching high

The other eternal guardian

Of stars, planets skies.

(Photo of Hornelen with the moon) my photo-only to be used with expressed permission

Idun, the Goddess of Youth and Vitality (and abundance?)

14 Oct

Idun, Idunn, Iduna is the goddess of apples, of youth and of vitality. She keeps the Gods in Asgard young and fresh with her golden apples. But here is another perspective we can take on this very positive goddess: abundance.

This autumn time of year sees the harvest of apples, of pumpkins, of plums. There is an abundance to give thanks for. In Germany, the Erntendank is celebrated. In the US, Thanksgiving. What this comes down to is being grateful for the prosperity nature has gifted us with. The harvest ensures livelihood in many different ways. Being thankful ensures we have a good attitude in addition to this. We go into the darker times of the year strengthened.

It is said that it is best to eat fruits and vegetables that are in season. At this time of year, apples are very much in season, so there is no better time to eat them and gain their healing benefits. As a little ritual, you can eat a golden (or another color, at best from the area where you live, if not from your own garden) and take each bite with gratittude; to the goddess of apples, to nature in general for providing such healthful goodness to you. swns-apples1


9 Oct

Some photography and a short poem are the features of this long, overdue update to this blog of mine. Time, or the illusion of it, marches on. We reflect on it like mirrored waters.

Autumn is awash in colors

Raindrops sprinkle from a gray sky

The backdrop of cold stone peaks

And nostalgia falls from my eyes

Times past and days to come

Bring reflection with the promise of cold

Nights with silver beams and seamless dreams

And wistful moments to reflect on old.

Ancient places I find them within

Without and all around

Deeper into the spiral and the search

Leads me above and below ground.

Autumn colors in Meland

Autumn colors in Meland

Another view.

Another view.

An amazing full moon, 08.October 2014 in Meland, Norway.

An amazing full moon, 08.October 2014 in Meland, Norway.