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The Meaning of Words

26 Oct

Words are symbols. They are carriers for meaning. The meaning is somehow encoded within those words. The words themselves are empty, but the significance is attached by the humans who use them. These meanings evolve through time by the collective, and are also altered slightly or dramatically by the individuals who speak them.

The universe is full of energy. It is composed of energy. Symbols transfer energy from a transmitter, to a receiver. Words are spoken by one, received by another. One person sets intention behind the words chosen, and the listener interprets them. The simplest sentences with the clearest intent are interpreted closest to their original meaning, while those more complicated, obscure, or abstract are most easily misunderstood or not entirely understood in their essence.

Humans communicate on the verbal level, and the emotional level. Their true thoughts and feelings can perhaps be better read from their physical posture, facial expressions and the effect their words have on you. Consider how the speaker makes you feel. Maybe you are being told “everything is alright, everything is great”, and you still have a sinking feeling that things are in fact going downhill faster than an avalanche.

The fact is, words have their surface meaning but the individual’s use of the words, their intention of the words, are most important. Kind surface words intended to sting and enslave will perhaps cause complacency and reassurance when taken for face value, but when considered and weighed more deeply, their ill-purpose can be revealed.

Politicians are the masters of sweet words with sour intent. They do not aim to keep any of their promises. They are merely the programmed puppets whose jobs are to lull you into trust and to be mesmorised by their charisma, or to be drawn into repulsion due to their seemingly atrocious behaviour. Whatever the case, they are putting on a show, and you best learn to extract their mask if you want to know what they REALLY have in mind- or rather, what their puppetmasters have in mind.

Also, just because someone is a poor speaker, does not mean the words and their meaning are useless. Listen carefully, listen with your heart. Politicians speak well, but are infected by the venom of a destructive system. A kindly old man whose voice is worn with time may have wise words aplenty to speak to you, but you will have to work harder to receive the meaning.

So the words spoken are only symbols for the feelings we have, for the intentions we have. If we carefully choose our words and infuse them with intention and feeling, we will be more effective communicators than when we just absently speak and answer questions, mindlessly transmitting and receiving. This is in fact, the magic of communication: mindfully packing in energy, and intent.

Nature has much to communicate, but does not communicate in a modern day human language. In this case, you must REALLY listen with your heart. How do you feel when you are in the woods? What do you hear? What do you see? When you tune in like that, you WILL receive messages. You WILL feel something. It is more subtle than being screamed at or watching television, but this will make you a more sensitive being if you work at taking in what nature has to give to you for messages.

This is also the way we can receive communication from our subconscious minds and/or ancestors. Since we are the carriers of their memories in the form of DNA (and yes, memories are stored in the DNA) we can tap into their dreams, hopes and fears and words for us with time and effort. What do you think our ancient pagan ancestors would say about the state of the world today? You cannot meet them for coffee and cake, but somehow they are accessible to you. Listen to them the way you listen when in the forest, with all of your senses tuned, your mind relaxed. They would surely tell you the forests are mistreated, the water polluted, families are torn apart, communities are disconnected from one another… Then you can begin to recognize the problem, and then think about the solution.

Words are symbols, and symbols carry messages. These messages are everywhere in this world.When communicating to others, we can do so by consciously intending, and by thinking carefully of what we wish to convey. We can get the true meaning of others words by thinking not only of their surface value, but by careful consideration of other factors, visible and invisible .The universe, the great source of all things, communicates especially via nature. We only have to listen.