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Pagan Sacred Places

10 Mar

Most people have heard of Stonehenge. New Grange is also well-known. These places that were sacred to our ancestors and continue to be sacred and powerful points in the energy network of the earth are spread out throughout the world. Pyramids, holy mountains, stone circles, single megaliths, sacred groves and more contribute to this landscape of natural power. With the aid of google, one can learn of some of these places, but to a limited degree.

For Germany and Austria, as well as some entries for Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and some other sites in Europe, there is an excellent and comprehensive website : This website lists various places you can visit usually by hiking or by car which contain natural power of the earth. For example, the mountain Untersberg near Salzburg in Austria is said to be another heart chakra of Europe (besides Stonehenge). It is fairly easy to climb this mountain, and one can experience the energies there.

My goal is to visit places around northern Europe especially, and possibly also Germany and Austria, and research their histories, but experience their energies myself, so that I can describe the atmosphere there, describe what I feel and compare that with what others might have felt. I will employ dowsing and pendulum techniques and meditation.