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The Need for Truth

10 Jan

Most people feel they stand for the truth. Most people consider themselves generally honest.. but to which extent do they start to forget this and instead accept comforting lies and illusions? For the system is built to silence questions and those who ask them when they probe deeper. If truth was the foundation on which the system/government/society was based upon, in fact, questioning would be encouraged. But questions are what most people fear to ask… even themselves.

The news outlets and media in each country in the west are typically owned by but a few  individuals. To what extent can you trust their neutrality and commitment to the truth? If you can understand that they probably have a self-serving agenda, you shouldn’t find it difficult to question most official stories which emerge from mainstream sources.  But how often do you do this? Do you consider any questions asked, any eyebrows raised to simply be the work of “conspiracy theorists?” Do you reason out the facts critically or are you pulled by emotional scenes, effected by the theatrics laid out before you?

If we are motivated by truth and higher understanding, we are not afraid to ask those deeper questions, to see the potential fault in any “logic” presented, and peer deep within, under the surface to seek to understand what is really at the heart and foundation of the system, society we find ourselves within. Silence and acceptance of the herd’s mentality and reasoning leads to more of the same. Since our current situation is less than perfect, we must ask ourselves where the flaw really lies. If the system was functioning so perfectly, wouldn’t there be peace on earth, healthy, thinking, spiritual individuals who care about one another and all other living things? We must realise we have much to learn, uncover, discover before our individual nations and mankind can become well. We must ask those questions we are afraid of asking, and be ever courageous when seeking the truth. And let that- truth- be our highest motivation.