Seasons of the Sun and Moon

22 Jul


The written word is not only a mode of transfering information, but an art form in itself. As music and art work more with the psyche and the emotions (whereas most “modern” media exploits these as well as capturing one’s intellect) poetry takes the reader to new realms of thoughts and feelings.

For most of my life, I’ve been working with the poetic and lyrical form to capture a specific thought or especially frame of mind or specific mood. Many of the poems have made it to song form, but most of them have never been seen by eyes besides my own.

I thought it was time to share with those who still, in this day and age, have an eye for poetry and want to transport themselves into another world with the written word.

Here is the paperback of my poetry collection (chapbook) Seasons of the Sun and Moon.

If you have Kindle, you can download the works here:



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