Heimdall, the Watcher

26 Mar

Heimdall is the entity credited with alerting the gods to the onset of Ragnarök via a resounding blow of  his gjallarhorn. He sits in his home, just at the brink of the rainbow bridge, where it connects with the home of the gods. He is an alert god with acute senses, which an observant individual surely must have.

Some say Heimdall sacrificed his ear to the well of Mimir, much as Oden sacrificed his eye. He is apparently less involved with daily workings and action than, for example, Thor. He is holding vigil for when the clash of the gods should occur.

That his home is at the edge where transport to another world can take place, just at the cusp of the dwelling of the gods, he is equipped to be the ever- watching observer.

What can we learn from Heimdall specifically? Well, if we are more observant of our lives and our world, detached yet present, we can also hone our senses to a more acute point. Most of us are not aware of the things we say and do and their effect on the world around us. If we simply stopped to observe ourselves, we could find out there are points to work on, and things to be wary of; things that are perhaps better not said.

Heimdall does not indiscriminately sound the gjallarhorn; he waits for the appropriate moment. If we are constantly blowing our proverbial horns at every last circumstance, no one will take us seriously and there will be no point in even saying anything at all. We can learn, through this example, to choose our words wisely and to take care and heed of all that happens.

Awareness is key to finding truth in the self and the world. If we are asleep, passive and easily lead in life, we will not even know how we are acting ourselves in order to judge that, let alone to know what is actually happening in the outside world. Watching, being observant does not mean passively allowing garbage to come into our eyes and ears, it means actively, yet neutrally watching everything. If we take in the events around us without passing quick judgement, we can get a better view of the big picture. We should listen to what people say, and think first, before speaking. Our awareness will keep us active in the process, and not just let us accept or reject what is being said, due to some previous programming.

To be a watcher means to have clarity. Clarity is only achieved with a sharp mind. We get a sharp mind through exercise and a diet that consists of fresh food (organic not genetically modified or containing pesticide) and with the consumption of good water. We hone our minds by seeking out a variety of books and sources to expand our minds and horizons. We appreciate the finer points of life by getting into aesthetic realms, like art and music. Heimdall enjoyed fine mead, he wasn’t slugging down bad beer. He sipped on something well prepared with thought and care. If we do the same with our minds, our ears, our eyes, then we can hone the watcher aspect that exists in us as well.


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