Idunn, the springtime Goddess

24 Mar


Idunn is the nordic goddess most associated with youth, the fertility of all things that grow and maintaining what is beautiful in life. A symbol which comes to mind upon contemplation of this fresh energy is the apple, as she is the keeper of golden apples which hold the gods young and healthy. She is also the wife of Bragi, who is the god of poetry. The two sew the seeds of lively enjoyment of life, and the refreshment of the senses.

During the spring and summer when the sun is seen and felt more often, we are warmed by the rays of forgiving and generous light that causes the plants to grow, which in turn nourish us with their bounty. The sun directly provides us with vitamin D, a hormone which helps metabolism and affects the mood positively. The more sun we get, the happier we are.

Idunn’s energy can be felt more during this warmer, friendlier times. We are inspired to be outdoors while the golden light warms the face and makes outdoor activities more pleasant and easier to sustain than in the colder harsher months. The fresh air and warm light might make us more cheerful and inclined to the poetic, the artistic, the aesthetic, the fine in life which keeps us young and active.

As the cold months approach, it is like Loki comes along and steals Idunn away, leaving us to wither to grey. The apples are no more, the warm sun shies away, while we seek shelter before a fire, reminded of our mortality and the temporary nature of every season. Although, Idunn returns, the times of suffering in the cold without the friendly sun are there to remind us that the wheel of the year continuously turns. Everything goes through phases, goes into the dark to return to the light. It rises and falls. We experience joy to experience deep lows. We learn from the pain and grow stronger. We experience the freezing cold to appreciate the wonderful spring. The frozen lakes thaw, sleeping gods awaken.

Although Idunn is a more beautiful, youthful goddess of the nordic pantheon, we could not appreciate her fully without contemplating the cold nature of lady Hel. Hel seems harsher, more foreboding, she is just as integral to the balance represented. Without the cold, we cannot fully appreciate how lovely the warmth is.

As spring approaches, Idunn slowly awakens from her slumber to make us feel younger and more alive. We will soon be blessed with fresh fruits and vegetables, green hills, and flowers growing everywhere. As the cold air still stings, we can appreciate the contrast and call upon inner strength to help us learn from what each season has to teach.


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