Vadim Zeland’s Transurfing

29 Oct

Transurfing is the concept that one chooses his reality and that all hopes, wishes, dreams and ambitions can be realized by choice. This is a topic that many are familiar with through the popular book and movie “The Secret”. “The Secret” states that by welcoming and truly believing good fortune will come to you, all you desire is secured by this simple state of faith. Believe it or not, that is the truth. But there is more to it than that simplified version. Transurfing goes beyond simple positive thinking and explains why we often get that which we least desire, and introduces the topics of “balancing forces”, the “space of variations”, “slides”, and especially “choice” and their role in creating our own lives, destinies and fortune. Transurfing also gives us a unique perspective on what the author calls “pendulums”.

The universe exists with balance. Nature thrives on balance, and the human is subject to these forces of the universe. This means that, for example, when we place too much importance onto something, there is some force coming into play to neutralize this. If we brag or boast or feel high and mighty, along will come some universal force to eliminate this excess energy.

The space of variations is something like a playing field for various parallel universes. Our lives are based on which set of these we choose, with our thoughts. If our thought vibrations match a certain variation, this is what we will have manifested in our lives. If we are not satisfied with a present situation, we can change the quality of our thoughts and alter the results.

Slides, according to Zeland, are lenses through which we see the world. When we begin to see ourselves negatively, perhaps “too thick”, “too stupid”, etc, then this is what we will see reflected back at us- even if it is not the case. Zeland also outlines ways in which one could use slides to obtain positive results. You can imagine yourself to be intelligent, intellectual, fascinating and beautiful, and then LIVE with this image of yourself, applying it to your daily reality. Even if your mind is not fooled in the beginning, persistence will bring this “illusion” into reality.

Pendulums are an especially interesting topic, as this world is full of them. A pendulum is a certain system, entity, idea which requires outside energy to continue. Some examples might be a government, an organization, a person controlled by anger (whereby the “anger” or irritated feeling would be the pendulum). A person can generate energy in and of himself, whereas a pendulum needs others’ in order to exist. A government is a concept people created, it would not exist without people feeding their energy into it. It gets your fear by threatening you for not following it, with prison, fines, etc. Your fear supports its continued existence.

In order to control or choose one’s own reality, we have to stop giving energy to negative pendulums. This means, stopping worry, fear, and doubt as they only bring the undesired. They unite the spirit and the mind in their loathing, which causes that which we dread to come all the faster.

Transurfing expands upon the ideas presented by the Law of Attraction and provide a new perspective. It is of high importance to contemplate the forces of nature, the universe and the role they play in our lives in interaction with our own awareness. Awareness is the key to transurfing, the law of attraction, and to life in general. With increased awareness, we take part in our world in an active way- we begin to truly live! We can discover higher potential, hidden talents. Whether we use a “system” like transurfing, or find out for ourselves, we need awareness to unlock all the doors. Thinking, contemplating, but mostly feeling, and being in contact with the higher self will ensure development as beings. For the world to improve as a whole, we must start as individuals. Wake up and be aware.


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